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Dust collection and Air cleaning play a significant role in non metallic and mineral processes. AirFilt filter components will sort out your process:
Furnaces, dryers, grinding, classifying, work spaces, mechnical processing, storing, packing and transport ...>> Applications


It is very difficult to separate the very fine metallic powder from the surface of the filter bags and sediment into the bunker by means of the commonly used filter installations during on-line operation. However, AirFilt filter elements in offset arrangement reduce lift velocities and reduce the filter velocity.

Without AirFilt filter elements, dust is unnecessarily whirled up when processing the following materials:
•   ferrous metals
•   alloys
•   brass, bronze, etc.
•   light metals
•   aluminium, magnesium, etc.
•   heavy metals
•   lead, copper, cadmium, zinc, tin
•   sintered metals
•   gray cast iron, cast steel and light metal cast

AirFilt filter components clean up your process sequences:
•   Furnace dedusting
•   Casting
•   Dryers
•   Mills
•   Sorting
•   Mechanical treatment, drilling, milling, grinding, shot-blasting and polishing
•   Thermal treatment, welding, sintering, tempering and coating
•   Surface treatment und painting
•   Workplace dust extraction
•   Storage (Silos)
•   Packaging
•   Transport

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