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Which filter media for gas turbine air inlet filter?

The selection of a suitable filter media is the most important precondition for a successful application. We will show you our selection of suitable filter media for gas turbine intake filter applications.
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Dust collection and Air cleaning play a significant role in non metallic and mineral processes. AirFilt filter components will sort out your process:
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Air Inlet filter for Gas Turbines

The main duty of the MISTROYER is to catch water droplets out of the air stream and protect the filters downstream the MISTROYER.
MISTROYER can replace all known coalescer and will last 4 times longer.

TurboMaster is a two-stage static filter consisting of an outer G4 or M5 pre-filter sock together with an inner F7, F8 or F9 water repelant, pleated nanofiber media.
TurboMaster HEPA is a new generation of static filtration, replacing ineffective and high pressure drop pulse filters to absolute cleanliness securing static filtration system without changing any construction of the air intake housing. TurboMaster is a three-stage static filter consisting of a outer M6 pre-filter sock together with a double inner pleat pack F8/H10 or F8/H11, made from a water resistant high efficiency media.
TurboMaster 3S (2700 kb)
TurboMaster EPA 3S (2700 kb)


UltraPanel series is comparable to pocket filter dust holding capacity, is small in size, has a rigid construction and is unaffected by turbulence. In addition, the filtration material can be treated with a waterproof layer that prevents water droplets passing through the filter. This Pre-Filter series consists of two grades G4 and M5. UltraPanel Pre-Filter series has a proven record of a long service life and high efficiency at several gas turbine power plants in the most demanding environmental conditions.
UltraPanel (1100 kb)


UltraCell pre-filters and filters have been developed specifically for demanding processes, adverse environmental conditions and extreme volume flows. They are the best solution in protecting a gas turbine when located by river or sea; where the relative humidity is high; when the environment is dirty or foggy and rainy.
UltraCell compact cell air filters are made of nanofiber filtration material without electrostatic charge.
UltraCell Pre Filter (2400 kb)
UltraCell Filter M6 - F9 (1700 kb)
UltraCell E10 - H13 Filter (2400 kb)


UltraSnap system allows the pre-filter to be attached to the fine filter with an airtight seal. When the UltraPanel pre-filter and the UltraCell fine filter are fixed by the UltraSnap method, it gives a perfect filter system for both industrial and HVAC-applications. Fitting is easy and fast because the frames are designed to combine. The pre-filters can be changed on load or without closing the air-intake system, as the work does not require removing the UltraCell fine filter.
UltraSnap (372 kb)


Magnum compact cell air filters with a nanofibre filtrer media are developed for high volume flows up to 5350 m3/h. The new frame design allows operation with high volume flows with optimised pressure drop. These air filters have been developed specifically for demanding processes, adverse environmental conditions and extreme volume flows.
UltraMag (1100 kb)
UltraMag EPA11 (416 kb)
UltraMag EPA12 (416 kb)


UltraBag V60
UltraBag V60 is the natural choice for gas turbine pre-filter. Filter media is a non-woven, self supporting, 100% waterproof, depth loading polyester mix. Excellent for gas turbine air intake
pre-filtration and other demanding filtration processes.
UltraBag V60 (1300 kb)