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Dust collection and Air cleaning play a significant role in non metallic and mineral processes. AirFilt filter components will sort out your process:
Furnaces, dryers, grinding, classifying, work spaces, mechnical processing, storing, packing and transport ...>> Applications


In addition to the delivery of new filter elements we naturally take care of the legally prescribed and professional disposal of your used filter elements. Are you especially interested in this service? Then feel free to contact us.


We assist you with the equipment and choice of cleaning accessories. Pre-dusting products, rotary air nozzles, venturis, diaphragm valves, time or delta-P controls are all a part of our range.

Recommendations for the installation and cleaning of ULTRATOP filter cartridges (20 kB)

Precon-W to pre-condition filter elements (15 kB)

Change in air?

Our most systematic service is above all the permanent purification of your (process) air. If you are already using AirFilt filter elements contact us whenever questions occur. The same applies to filter elements from other manufacturers, whose safety and service-life you would like to test.