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Dust collection and Air cleaning play a significant role in non metallic and mineral processes. AirFilt filter components will sort out your process:
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Gas Turbine

Ansaugfilter für Gasturbinen (100kB)
Dust and moisture will not be announced.
In rough environmental conditions gas turbines will not perform as they suppost to do. Salt cristals moisture and dust will stick to the turbine blades. Unbalance, corrosion and loss of efficiency are the immediate results of such fouling processes. Make precautions!

Compressor fouling occurs when very fine particles pass through the filter system and stick to the compressor blades. The adhesion of dirt to the leading edges and surfaces of the precisely balanced blades change their aerodynamic properties and therefore the mechanism of the compressor. These changes are responsible for the loss of efficiency and output of the turbine.

In industrial areas these very fine particles, such as unburned hydrocarbons, are very prevalent, primarily as a result of human activity: combustion processes, manufacturing, road traffic, air transport and shipping.

Who can afford disruptive particles?
To low efficiency of the inlet filter may create performance losses of 10% or even more.
The next scheduled shut-down is far away and the performane of the turbine drops already significantly. Insufficient filter efficiency will raise only one matter: unwanted shut-downs.

Dust separation is a mater of design.
The correct selection of air filters is one of the most crucial factors affecting the operation and efficiency of a gas turbine. Do no longer accept to high pressure dorp and performance losses due to high moisture content. The individual design of a filter system under consideration of the local operational and environmental conditions is essential.

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